Michael Jordan and players of his team helped hurricane victims

michael jordan hurricane florence

Michael Jordan, Charlotte Hornets players and members of the organization spent Thursday packing 5,000 food boxes that will be sent to those victims by Hurricane Florence.

Jordan said the food boxes will be shipped to Wilmington and Fayetteville, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — three areas hit hardest by the hurricane.

The ex basketball player, who is from Wilmington, said he was proud of his players and organization for volunteering their efforts, saying Friday “hopefully they learn that to give back, it’s all about the heart. It’s not about how much you make or about what you own. It’s about sharing and caring (about) other people.”

He remembered his childhood and the beginning’s career in this place: “I used to play basketball in New Bern, in Jacksonville in high school,” Jordan said. “To see all that on TV and then understand what they were going through. Obviously, I miss it but I didn’t want to see it under those circumstances.”

Michael Jordan donated $2 million of his money for victims

In addition, he shared the donation for he American Red Cross and the Foundation for the Carolinas’ Hurricane Florence Response Fund, nonprofit organizations whose dedicate to help people in disasters.

Channels like a CNN recognized Jordan for his efforts and praised his commitment to his home state. He told the local paper, The Charlotte Observer, ” You gotta take care of home.” He has deep roots where the devastation occurred and decided to give back anyway he could.

Florence hit home for Jordan as Wilmington was one of the areas hit the hardest by Florence. He said he still has family living along the coast and wants to help the places that helped him.

With this example, he continues inspiring new generations and maybe more people take actions for the victims.

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